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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Helpful Work

Here some the Helpful Artwork to Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

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Hello Again.

Hey, I figure getting Myself back here.

Still I don't know what I would with it yet, But I'll think of something.

Lust or Love

Title:  Lust or Love

Genre:  Yuri Romance

Fandom:  the World Ends With You

Pairing/Characters: Eri/Nao-Nao

Rating: PG-17

Warnings: Crack Pairing, Sexy Subtext.

Disclaimer:  Lust or Love ever way they two have to Body



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Icon Set

Icon Set of TWEwY

Neku: 17
Shiki (Eri): 18
Joshua: 15
Beat: 14
Rhyme: 5
Uzuki: 12
Kariya: 10
777 (And The other Two): 7 (+2)
Higashizawa: 5
Minamimoto: 15
Konishi: 8
Kitaniji: 8
Sota: 6
Nao: 6
Shooter: 7
(Real) Shiki: 7 (Made by [info]spartan_142 )
Ai and Mina: 14
The Prince: 7
Makoto: 22
Futoshi: 7
Ken Doi: 9
Hanekoma: 9
Shrimp: 7
Maker of "Tin Pin": 12
Shopper: 50


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Cat and... Leo?

The Last One

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What did really think I would Put the Unbranded in a Brand Fanart? Did you?

And My, My, Sho.Cosplay!Leo!Gatito!Eri look Zetta HOT.

Tiger and Monkey

Another One...

Punks and UrbanCollapse )

Wow Tigre.Punks!Punk!Eri is look like she going to eat and Poor Jupiter.of.the.Monkey!Urban!Shiki

Next and the Last are Cat and ??? (Well I'm not telling you)

Rooster and Rabbit

Other Yuri. ^_^

Marble and GothicCollapse )

Yeah... Pavo Real you really need Some Cloths.

You I thing the Maid Costume well work... But Think about Jewellery, Marble, Thay like from the sea or something.

And the Sailor Suit will work too.

I Think I like Lapin.Angelique!Gothic.Lolita!Shiki myself ^_^


Dragon and Dog

Another One :3

Flowing and Simple... Hey That Work.Collapse )

Just so you know The Dragon need some Lower Wear, If you know what I mean and Accessory too.

I way like to see shiki in a Lovely One-piece, She so look Cute in it :3

Next is Rooster and Rabbit.

Boar and Snake

And yet here is another One

Wild and Hip... is was even this or Hip-hop and Hip.Collapse )

See what I doing here? Mmm?

I have to admit I really like the Tomboy!WildBoar!Eri. ^_^

Next Stop Dog and Dragon.

Horse and Rat

Hey here Another Yuri.

Luxury and LovingCollapse )

Now Why Horse and Rat are Opposite?

Well Pegaso are Rich and Luxury, and Mus Rattus are well Opposite, I mean you easy buy all the Mus Rattus.

But That Not why...

You see like Ox and Sheep then on the Opposite.

As well for Boar and Snake, Dog and Dragon, Rooster and Rabbit, and Monkey and Tiger.